Hal Rosner


The number of elderly people in the world will rise significantly and many will choose to live in continuing care retirement communities.  The isolation inherent in the design of these communities often segregates people by levels of care within the facility and the surrounding community.  This generally accelerates their deterioration.  My thesis offers an alternative strategy for retirement communities, creating public spaces that encourage its residents to socialize.  In addition, this project creates a condominium community, encouraging by its design social interaction between the residents and the surrounding community of Sag Harbor.  All forms of public transit were investigated and determined to be adequate for the residents to travel locally and remotely.

Built in 1881, abandoned a century later, the Fahys-Bulova watchcase factory has been a blemish on the town of Sag Harbor, standing neglected and crumbling.  This project in its entirety conforms to ADA guidelines so that the inhabitants, once they arrive at or near retirement age, can continue to live there for the rest of their lives.  This proposal was developed as a counter-proposal to the current redevelopment already approved by the town.